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June 16, 2004 wheelorg 0 Comments

In 2004, King County Executive Ron Sims came to agree with SHARE/WHEEL–after years of persuasion–that King County needed another Tent City. He began helping us to start an encampment on the East Side. After months of public wrangling, we succeeded.

January 1, 2000 wheelorg 0 Comments

WHEEL opens a Severe Weather shelter—open only on nights of the most life-threatening weather, as decided by the Human Services Department—for any woman, in any condition, at any time of night. The new shelter is hosted by First United Methodist Church. Staff is hired from our own community of homeless..Read More

November 16, 1995 wheelorg 0 Comments

November 1995, WHEEL held a large, public event organized and presented by homeless and formerly homeless women — the first of its kind. As companion to the event, we published a chapbook, “Through the Looking Glass,” of poetry by homeless and formerly homeless women.